Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

This policy applies to transactions entered into between Tenants and Landlords in relation to the booking and payment of a Space.

This Cancellation Policy is to be read in conjunction with Terms of Service and Standard Space Licence Agreement. All key terms in this Cancellation Policy retain the same meaning as in the Terms of Service unless otherwise clearly stated.


Cancelling a Booking for a Space

Authorised Users may cancel, and/or review any penalties associated with cancelling a booking for a Space, by contacting up; and

on no less than 7 days’ notice remain before the date the Authorised User is scheduled to occupy the Space.


Refund of Space Fee

Subject to the terms of this Cancellation Policy, where an Authorised User cancels a booking for a Space within the Cancellation Timeframe and neither party is in default, an Authorised User will be entitled to a 100% refund of the Space Fee but will not be entitled to a refund of any fees deducted from the Price.


Refund of Service Fee

Unless expressly agreed otherwise by, or permitted by the Terms and of Service, once a requested booking has been confirmed and the Fee has been paid, the Service Fee is not refundable.


Cancellations by Popup Brands reserves the right to cancel any confirmed or requested bookings for any reason, including for any breaches of ’s Terms of Service.

If cancels a confirmed booking and:

  • The Listing is cancelled because of default by the potential occupier, then will refund the Licence Fee but the Service Fee will be forfeit.
  • Where the cancellation arises from a default by the Space owner will refund the license fee. The Listing owner will then be liable, upon request by , to pay the Service Fee to

Neither party is at fault, will refund the Licence Fee to the potential occupier but the Service Fee will not be refunded.

The parties agree that sole liability to them is the refund of the Price.


Terms of cancellation

A Space Offer is only cancelled once an Authorised User has notified and has provided a reason for cancellation.

Any disputes arising out of this Cancellation Policy will be determined in accordance with the dispute resolution provisions of ’s prevailing Terms of Service.